Organic Cotton Reusable Snack Bags & Sandwich Wraps

Start on a more sustainable path with Eco Lunch Gear. We offer a complete collection of reusable snack bags, sandwich wraps, cloth napkins, and other eco-friendly products made from 100% certified organic cotton. At Eco Lunch Gear, we help make lunch fun and environmentally friendly. 

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Creative, Practical & Environmentally Sustainable

At Eco Lunch Gear, our reusable snack bags, sandwich wraps, and eco-friendly products offer a creative, practical way to be more environmentally friendly. With a wide selection of fabrics and designs to choose from, you can customize Eco Lunch Gear products to suit your creative style. We are constantly adding new designs to make our eco-friendly products even more eye-grabbing.

Being a trend-setter with Eco Lunch Gear doesn't end with style. Our reusable snack bags and sandwich wraps offer a practical solution to save in more ways than one. Not only can you save money spent on plastic bags and paper sacks, but you can also save on the environmental impact these items have. It's a win-win decision. Spare the recycling center or landfill the added waste and experience for yourself how Eco Lunch Gear can help minimize spending, while maximizing sustainability.

Reusable Snack Bags are Eco-friendly & Easy to Clean

In addition to offering a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional lunch packing products, our reusable snack bags are easy to clean and maintain. Simply toss any of our products right in the laundry. They're highly durable, pre-shrunk, and very long-lasting. In fact, many of our customers are still using the same reusable snack bag or sandwich wrap after years of use. Not to mention our products are highly versatile for many uses beyond packing snacks and sandwiches.

Our reusable sandwich wraps serve as ideal placemats when plates are not an option. Our cinch sacks can be used to store toys, crayons, or perhaps first-aid items for on the go. Or maybe you'll find our flagship snack bag able to protect your smartphone from being tossed around in your purse. The applications for Eco Lunch Gear are limitless.

What Makes Our Reusable Products so Eco-Friendly?

From our reusable snack bags to our cinch sacks, we use only 100% certified organic cotton for all of our products. Compared to conventionally grown cotton, using organic cotton fabric is better for the earth as well as for the health of users. Because no toxic chemicals are used, fewer poisons can contaminate the soil, air, food supply, water, and the farmers and their families. The cotton we use is also certified to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), Fair Trade, and complies with the Consumer Products Safety Commission Improvement Act (CPSIA).

From packaging and shipping to the lights that keep our facility lit, we strive to use green business practices from all avenues. Start exploring our reusable snack bags, sandwich wraps, and various other eco-friendly products, and start living a more sustainable lifestyle with Eco Lunch Gear.