We do Give a Hoot!

Here are a few things we're doing around the workshop to make a difference. 


  • We order our supplies in large quantities to reduce the amount of packaging materials we get along with less travels for a minimum carbon foot print.


  • The packing materials that we receive from our suppliers get a second life when we ship to our wholesale customers. Even the boxes have a special label to spur awareness in reusing a box before recycling it.
  • Our storage containers are antique refridgerator boxes from local shops.
  • All shelving, cupboards & tables are repurposed from a reusable building store or or from our personal stash collected long ago.


  • We recycle the usual paper & cardboard but we also recycle fabric! The scraps that aren't used for our Tissue Pouches or to buffer the toggles on the Cinch Sacks during shipping get taken to Bay Area Recycling for Charities a local recycling company.
  • We take back & recycle any worn out ELG products that would normally be tossed.

Around the Workshop:

  • We use natural light & CFL lighting.
  • There are no paper plates, cups or napkins - we use regular dishes and cloth napkins.
  • Our cleaning supplies consist of baking soda, peroxide, natural dish soap & rags.
  • Our 100% organic cotton fabric is pre-washed in natural laundry soap with no dyes or perfumes and we don't use a dryer sheet. 
  • We use a paperless stapler that we found at a local antique shop - it's very cool.

About our Fabric:

We use ONLY 100% certified organic cotton, which is better for the earth and us versus conventionally grown cotton. By not using toxic chemicals to grow organic cotton means fewer poisons contaminating the soil, air, food supply, water AND the farmers & their families. Our cotton is also certified to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) and is also Fair Trade and CPSIA (Consumer Products Safety Commission Improvement Act) compliant. 


  • We don't use any packaging materials inside the mailing envelopes.
  • We use 100% recycled shipping labels.
  • Our packing slips are printed on both sides for less paper waste & we use 100% recycled paper & recycled ink cartridges.
  • Our business cards and care tags are made with 100% recycled paper using soy inks. 
  • The care instructions are printed on business size cards made with 100% recycled paper for little waste.  For retailers the cards are attached with cotton twine.
  • Instead of sending a brochure regarding organic cotton, we link to it here.